About Vista Data Vision

A single solution to rule all instrumentation

With a mission to bring real-time insights from the field -- for all types of instrumentation projects -- VDV now has clients in 6 continents and 70+ countries. VDV is being used in the largest instrumentation projects in the world
Our Core values
We believe in complete security, reliability and ability to react promply
We nurture personal relationships and build our product for real people
We’re dedicated to bringing together a wide landscape of equipment and use cases

Privately owned, 2nd generation family business

My father started developing a desktop solution to work with data sent via radio in real-time from sewers here in Iceland back in the 1990s.

Since then we have been monitoring extremely interesting projects across 6 continents. Our goal today is to create a single software solution for all monitoring data which our clients can rely on.

I’m thankful for all the great feedback and loyalty our clients have shown over the past decades. We want to deliver excellence for them, they are part of our family.

Thorarinn Andresson CEO

The story of Vista Data Vision

Since its beginning in 1984, Vista Engineering has been working with data monitoring systems. We launched the first public version of VDV in 1991 as the computers were becoming affordable. Since that day we’ve been constantly evolving the product
VDV 2020 introduces Analysis and Data source

Adding more and more support for direct integration to hardware from VDV. Analysis introduced allows cross correlation and regression calculation.

VDV 2019 adds GIS, Time dependant VV and Year graph

New GIS module created to support large size projects. Custom markers, project layers and contour on the fly. Virtual variables updated to support multiple formulas for different time periods. Year graph added to easily compare how current values compare to previous data.

VDV 2018 introduces VDV Store and Burst Data

With the VDV Store users can get the latest updates and new components on their local system which allows for much faster development of VDV. Continuous incremental improvements are now seamlessly applied. With Burst Data, VDV now supports event based high speed data.

VDV 2016 advances Dashboards and Custom alarms

Dashboard released where users can add all project related data into a single dashboard for better and complete overview. Custom alarms introduced which allows users to trigger an alarm when looking at a specific time period.

VDV 2015 improves access control and data handling

Introduced User Roles to make the user control easier where users can now create user templates. Localization added so users can change how the data is displayed.

VDV 2014 implements responsive design and SAA support

VDV web interface redesigned to support different smart devices. Support for SAA’s added and more setup moved to the web.

VDV 2013 publishes new web layout, Documents and Alarm message

Brand new web layout to make it easier to navigate VDV. Documents introduced where users could upload documents to VDV. Added support for typing in custom Alarm message for each sensor with more detailed information.

VDV 2011 adds Alarm limits, Intensity plot and Displacement graph

Easy option to add Alarm limits to Graphs. New feature called Intensity plot to view 2d data in 3d. Support for Inclinometers with powerful Displacement graphs.

A decade of continuous development and improvement of the VDV product

In the period of 2001 - 2010 VDV has been constantly developing its product by adding support for different types of dataloggers and instruments. More and more options have been added to view data online and really setting the standard for Remote monitoring.

Lift off! Off the shelf product

This is the year VDV became available for anyone! Seeing that other companies were in the same difficult situation as Vista a few years back it was decided to offer VDV as off the shelf product. Companies could then get started with remote monitoring effortlessly.

VDV adds support for different data formats

In the period of 1992 - 2000 VDV evolved to support all kinds of different data formats from different hardware. With the small market in Iceland the projects were very diverse and VDV needed to handle different requirements.

VDV 1st generation with ASCII files

Importing ASCII files into a Database and having a desktop software to view data real time. Multiple projects across the country.

Vista Engineering was founded

From the beginning Vista Engineering has been a pioneer in remote monitoring. From early days Vista was monitoring sewers, traffic and power usage in Iceland. From these roots VDV was built to be able to manage multiple projects with minimum effort.

Vista Data Vision is now a part of Bentley Systems. Learn More >