GIS display for the Fornebu project in Oslo

VDV is used to display up to 300 piezometers on a GIS map, giving the stakeholders a complete project overview.


About project

The Fornebu project is an 8.5 km long extension of the Oslo metro that will link the Fornebu peninsula to the Norwegian capital.  The metro extension is the largest transport project in Oslo in over 20 years, the total project cost is expected to be 13 billion NOK.

Geonor has been using VDV for several years on projects involving 100+ sensors. The versatility and the ease of use makes it a cornerstone in project handling.

The VDV team offers efficient and professional support when needed – helping us keep the customer satisfied.

— Ivar Fredriksen, Sales Manager

The challenge

Loadsensing Vibrating Wire 1-channel wireless data notes are used to collect data from piezezometers. Up to 300 piezometers will be monitored during the project. The duration of the project is ten years and the first two years will be used as a base reading.

The project includes approximately 300 piezometers.
Sensor installation for Fornebubanen Metro Project.

The solution

Data from all instruments is sent via FTP to the VDV Cloud where each sensor is shown on a GIS map. The map has markers for each sensor. The markers can be clicked on to receive details from each sensor such as graphs and sensor information. The monitoring of such a large number of sensors is made easy with VDV with functions such as Data Update which indicates if any sensor is not updating. Virtual Variables are used to convert various sensor values to engineering values.

Each sensor is displayed on a GIS and can be clicked on for more detailed information.

The results

This tunneling project is still in an early phase. This phase includes gathering information of seasonal variations in a climate that involves frozen ground, for several months during winter.

The monitoring of both pore pressure and groundwater level gives valuable data.

With this data, decisions can be made on additional monitoring points and sites for injection to stabilize ground around the future tunnel.


Landslide Monitoring at a historical 14th century castle in Lithuania

In 2016, after a very rainy summer in Vilnius, the hill on which the Gediminas castle tower stands on started to slide.