Maintenance Plans

VDV is in continuous development with new features, improvements, bug fixes and security updates being regularly released. Access to support and updates is available for all VDV Licenses with an active Maintenance Plans.

Contact to set up a VDV Maintenance Plan

No MPLiteEssentialPriority
Helpdesk Access
Crash Support$4950
(Response time)
3 Working Days2 Working Days1 Working Day
Remote Support
Phone Support
Priority Support


Will the software continue to work after the Maintenance Plan expires?

Yes, VDV will continue to operate normally. If the VDV Maintenance Plan for your  VDV licence is allowed to expire and not renewed for more than one year, then the licence will continue to work as before, but it will not be supported or expandable with additional sites, features or addons.

What will be the cost of upgrading if my Maintenance Plan has been cancelled?

If it has been less than 1 year since your Maintenance Plan was cancelled, then you can settle the cost for your current Maintenance Plan term and receive the update at no additional cost.

If it has been more than 1 year since your Maintenance Plan expired, then the cost of upgrading is equal to the cost of a new license.

How will I be notified about a renewal?

An invoice will be generated on the renewal date and sent to the designated Maintenance Plan contact persons. The invoice should be settled within 30 days. It is highly recommended to have more than one person registered to receive the renewal notice.

What type of support will I receive if the Maintenance Plan is expired?

You will be able to find solutions on the VDV Helpdesk.

What is crash support?

In the event where the server running VDV fails and VDV is needed to be moved to a new server. VDV Support provides assistance with moving the system to a new server and successfully get it up and running.

What is Priority Support?

Priority Support requests are considered of the highest priority and processed first.

Priority Support is for our customers who require more responsive assistance with their VDV Systems. Typically these customers require a more immediate, hands on approach to solving their unique problems and Priority Support is designed to assist this set of customers.

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