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A Year in Review
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A Year in Review

Kristín Einarsdóttir
January 26, 2021

A new year gives us the opportunity to look back and reflect on what has been done. With the constant rush of working on new features, new projects, and new challenges it can be very easy to forget everything that has been accomplished in the previous year.

We therefore decided that it would be a good idea to put together an overview of what we at Vista Data Vision have been working on, a year in review if you will.

New Customers

Every year we get to meet new VDV customers of all shapes and sizes. Each one represents a new opportunity to get to know the industry a little bit better, to expand our knowledge.

We consider ourselves very lucky to get the chance to communicate with professionals all over the world who are working on exciting projects of all nature.

Here are only a few examples of customers who joined the VDV family in 2020.

Fugro, which is among the world´s leading companies in the field of geotechnical monitoring has chosen to use VDV in all their instrumentation projects around the world. The agreement is a great testimony to the capabilities of VDV to be a single monitoring platform for companies of all sizes.

Ajman Municpaility. Ajman one of seven Emirates in UAE, started the process to implement VDV in late 2020. The objective is to implement Weather, Air Quality and Waste data in a single platform for both internal and for public access to important environmental factors.

CBA (Companhia Brasileira de Aluminio) is the largest aluminum producer in Brazil. CBA has started to use VDV in all of their Mines. VDV is working closely with a local partner, G5 Instrumentos in the implementation of the VDV system.

VDV has been working with Apical Technologies in providing a monitoring solution for road authorities in France. The monitoring is done on mountain roads in the Pyrenees that lead to popular ski resort in Andorra. The road lies through an area known for avalanches and road authorities are working to improve monitoring to ensure the safety of travelers. Apical Technologies supplied 360° Cameras, sensors for snow depth, wind speed, wind direction, temperatures and then worked with VDV to provide a full project overview including a GIS map with snow depth to the client.


One of our focus in 2020 was to expand our partner network. We introduced a new Technology Partnership program that has been very successful. The partnership focuses on tight integrations between VDV and instruments from the world leading manufacturers in our industry.

We expect many new partnership announcements to be made in 2021.

In May 2020 we introduced our Technology Partnership with Worldsensing.

“VDV allows our customers to easily analyze and visualize the information our monitoring solution provides. It is a perfect match and we are looking forward to strengthening our collaboration and being able to add even more value to our customers’ projects”
-Bernat Trias, director of products at Worldsensing. 

Bernat Trias Director of Products Worldsensing, Thorarinn Andresson CEO Vista Data Vision & Matthieu Laville Sales Director Worldsensing.

Full Announcement

Profound became a VDV Technology Partner and their VIBRA dynamic monitoring units were fully integrated into VDV.

“The partnership with VDV is of real added value for Profound. The VDV software has modern looks, feel and functionality combined with a solid engine which is useful for our end-user. Especially the option to visualize vibration monitoring data together with other geotechnical parameters makes our partnership a strong combination”.

-Almar Ourensma, Commercial director, Profound BV

Full Announcement

VDV Webinars

One of our goals in 2020 was to be more visual in the market. Webinars have proved to be a very good way for us to have regular interaction with our customers.

The webinars have been very popular with our users and well over 100 people have signed up to each of the webinars we held in 2020. Our customers find them a very convenient way to stay updated on new developments in VDV or to learn about features they may have not worked with yet.

An additional bonus is that the webinar videos can be saved and shared with customers later as needed.

Andres Andresson our Director of Sales presenting one our webinars.

The following webinars were held in 2020:

  • Project Setup A->Z
  • 2020 Autumn Updates
  • Notes, webcam and documents.

Feel free to drop us a line at if you would like to receive a recording of the webinars.

Social Media

Another part of being more active in the market was more emphasis on our social media. We now try to post weekly updates on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

We crossed 1000 followers on LinkedIn and hope to gain more followers on social media in the upcoming year. We find that this is a very good way to get information to our customers quickly. It also fits very well with our monthly newsletters where we can go into more details on individual new items.

We hope that you will continue to give us your feedback with likes and comments.

If you haven´t already then please sign up to our social media platform of choice.

VDV Updates & New Features

We are always working on improving the VDV platform. It gives us great satisfaction to see how we can continually expand its functionality as well as improve existing features for the benefit of our customers.

The VDV Store has proved invaluable in getting new releases instantly to all our customers around the world and greatly simplifying the process of managing our release process.

Here is an overview of some of the features we released in 2020.

Site Map

Site Map shows all of your Stations on a map to give you a better overview of all of your network. You can assign different Icon/Category to each station to make it easy to navigate the map.

The Site Map also combines all information related to each Station such as Notes, Photos, Alarm Overview and Variable List.

Data Analysis

Analysis tool built into VDV, has three powerful options:

  • Cross correlation
  • Regression
  • Detailed Statistics

Manual Inclinometer

Manual Inclinometer Data Source supports direct input of manually collected readings from inclinometers. Users can upload them through the web interface to add new data to existing sites or create new Manual Inclinometer Sites.

This feature that will make it easier for users to work with manually collected inclinometer data that is very common in certain project types.

Historical Data Update

Historical Data graphs are now fully interactive. Users can hover over plots to see instant tool tip values, zoom into individual graphs, and toggle individual series on and off.

Historical Data setup of Pages and Graphs has been completely updated.

Nested Virtual Variables

Virtual variables now support formulas containing other virtual variables. This will greatly help to break down large illegible formulas into smaller and clearer ones. 

This has been a frequently requested feature over the year and it was very satisfying to finally make this available to our customers.


The Prism component in VDV allows users to define prisms in VDV, this will offer great benefits to all projects where prism and survey data is involved.

VDV calculates all associated measurements from the input values of measured Northing, Easting and Height values.

View all Prism data in the dedicated Prism viewer or display Prisms on GIS to view vector movements.

Smart City Waste Management

VDV support for IoT smart city waste monitors.

Benefits of Smart City Waste Management:

  • Understand waste production in the city
  • Collect only full bins and containers
  • Adjust bin capacity and distribution
  • Eliminate overflowing bins
  • Provide a better quality of service

Release Summary

There have been many more releases over the year, new options in existing features, bug fixes etc. All in all we had 246 releases in 2020.

Releases per month during 2020


We are very excited for 2021, we have great plans for new features in VDV, more integrations with our Technology Partners and new exciting projects with our customers.

The VDV team.

We look forward to share these moments with our customers and continue to provide them with the best product and service available.


Updates in January

Kristín Einarsdóttir
February 4, 2021