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New features and updates

Kristín Einarsdóttir
December 1, 2021

Our monthly update report is here. A couple of new things came out this last month, some new and improved features and a Data Source for Sigicom. All part of our goal to provide a complete instrumentation solution for our customers.

Data Source Sigicom

New feature

Vista Data Vision now supports Sigicom units for direct import through the Data Source component.
Users can easily add their Sigicom accounts and then add specific Sigicom units to VDV.
These units can then be added to Burst Data projects just like other supported manufacturers including Instantel, Syscom, Profound and Campbell Scientific.

Set up a VDV Sicicom account with the Sicigom account details (The company is the one used in https://{company}
Select the created account and select the sensor to import into VDV.
Fill in variable information for the sensor.

For more information vistit our helpdesk.

Wind Rose

New Feature

The Distribution Wind Rose in the Historical view now includes a table view, and percentages added to the wind rose legend.

Percentage added to the wind rose legend.
The table view includes the percentage value of each bin.

Data Source – File Import

New feature

It’s now possible for Users to add replacement values to the File Format.  This feature is very useful when it is needed to change values coming into the VDV System. 

An Example for this use is a data logger that might represent NaN with a value -999. The User can simply create a file format that changes the -999 into NaN.

The replacement value is available in both regular and JSON file formats. 

Create a file format just like any other. Click the replacement values button and the replacement values settings will open.
Just like with regular file format, click the replacement values button and add one or more replacement values.
Add one or more replacement values.

Data Export Task


Minor update to Data Export Task. The update gives users more control over the data export file format and the exported time period.

  • Changed maximum export day limit from 240 to 1000
  • The variable header can now include the site name, variable name and unit name.

As always we welcome all feedback from our customers. Please get in touch with us on social media or send us an email at


New features and updates

Kristín Einarsdóttir
January 25, 2022