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Our latest updates

Kristín Einarsdóttir
March 9, 2022

Cross-sections in GIS


Cross-sections have been added as a licensed option into GIS in VDV. This is a great feature, especially for TBM projects.

When a sensor that has Cross-Section enabled is selected in the GIS setup it will be included in the Cross-Section graph. For more information on this new feature visit our helpdesk.

The configuration of the Cross Section is very dynamic and the user can choose which sensor types are enabled for cross-section view as well as how they are displayed. The options include points, columns, and line as well as custom colors.

User draws a cross-section path and then selects the width of the area
All sensors within the cross-section area are shown. Additionally, tunnel location can be automatically placed on the cross-section. The tunnel information is read from a TBM path layer file on the GIS.



Two minor updates have been released for VDV Graphs.

Users can now choose how NaN values are handled on graphs in Vista Data Vision. The default function is to show NaN values as gaps on graphs. The new update makes it possible to ignore NaN values and plot the data as one connected series.

For graphs with multiple series, it is now possible to choose if the tooltip is shared and shown for all series when hovering over a data point or if the tooltip is only shown for a single series at a time.

When the Shared Tooltip is selected both variables will appear.
When the Shared Tooltip is not selected the user can hover over each variable and see only that variable for the selected time.



The Log in VDV can now be downloaded as a CSV file. With the support for downloading the log information, a Stop Date option has been added as well.

The download option allows the log to be shared outside of VDV in cases where that is needed.

Stop Date and Download have been added to the log view filter.

As always we welcome all feedback from our customers. Please get in touch with us on social media or send us an email at


Our latest updates in Vista Data Vision

Kristín Einarsdóttir
May 5, 2022