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New features and updates

Kristín Einarsdóttir
November 3, 2021

We firmly believe that it is in our users’ best interest to keep them informed of the latest updates and features.
Here is the latest news on that front.


Feature Update
The VDV Store is a crucial component in keeping all on-premise systems up to date with the latest features and updates to VDV.

The new and improved VDV store includes both a visual and functional update to the previous version. The Component Cards now offer better clarity for the user, followed by a smoother and more user-friendly download process. 


New Feature

The new VDV API allows for automatic data collection from VDV using a REST API.

Example applications include pulling data from VDV to store in a central data warehouse or to display data on third-party platforms.

Documentation link:

Displacement Graph

New Feature

Fixed measurements

It is now possible to add any measurement to your Displacement graph. The added measurements will always be present on the graph regardless of the time period being viewed.

Display points

Series can now be set to only display points, this is done by setting the “Line Width” option to “None” in the displacement graph setup.

The “Fixed measurements” option is located in the right menu when clicking on the wrench icon.

Select a date of the reading that you want to use.
Adding a reading can be done by double-clicking the reading or by pressing the right arrow.
Fixed measurement added to the displacement graph.
The displacement graph only displaying points by setting the Line width option to None.


New Features

To optimize loading in large systems with 100 or more sites, the site setup now includes pagination to speed up loading time. This update will be gradually added to other features in VDV.

Site setup now includes pagination to speed up loading time.

Data Export Task

New Feature: SFTP server support

The Data Export Task now supports exporting data files to SFTP servers.

Select SFTP from the Type dropdown menu.

As always we welcome all feedback from our customers. Please get in touch with us on social media or send us an email at


New features and updates

Kristín Einarsdóttir
December 1, 2021