New in April

Kristín Einarsdóttir
May 6, 2021

Last month our team released the new QA/QC feature, a truly exciting and useful feature for anyone doing data validation.
Dynamic marker position in GIS and Time Zone shift are also new features along with various other improvements.


New Feature

This new QA/QC (Quality Assurance / Quality Control) feature offers a comprehensive system to work with data validation. The user can manage data correction and data flagging with a powerful set of tools, allowing better data management. The feature offers 3 levels of data review that are available throughout VDV allowing the User to better control the presented data by assigning what level QA/QC data each user has access to. 

VDV also offers AQS Export in QA/QC, configure the AQS in the QA/QC Setup, and then in the Export option select a time period and download.    

The data audit can be observed across VDV where data is either presented, for example on graphs or where the statistics of the data is viewed, in Month Overview or Completeness. 

Everywhere data is presented in VDV the user can select the desired QA/QC level.

Each Site can be set up as a QA/QC site
Each level audit offers the user a view of the time period, both in a data table and a graph.
Viewing graphs with the relevant QA/QC level can be done in the right-hand side menu in VDV.
Everywhere data is presented in VDV the user can select the desired QA/QC level. In Month Overview this will be demonstrated in the Data Capture percentage for different levels.

For more information on the QA /QC feature, you can visit our helpdesk or watch our webinar on the subject.


New Feature: Dynamic Marker

It is now possible to connect the latitude and longitude of a marker to variables that update the position of the marker when new data arrives. 

Regular Marker placed on the map.
The dynamic marker button allows the user to select variables for latitude and longitude.
Click the Add button to place the marker on the map.
Save the marker that now has dynamic positioning.

Data Source – File Import

New Feature: Time Zone Conversion

Users can now convert data from one time zone to another during the import process. This is useful if the data logger is set to a time zone that does not match the project time zone and the data logger time zone cannot be changed.

Select The Site Time Zone, enable the Time Zone Shift, and select the original time zone


New Feature: System Contacts

System Administrators can now input information on all System Users, assign them to be the main contact for the System or the billing contact. 

Admin Users can assign the user to the designated as the Billing contact by selecting it in the System contact information.
A list with all the System Contacts will appear in the drop-down list under System Settings, where it is possible to select the Main contact of the system.

As always we welcome all feedback from our customers. Please get in touch with us on social media or send us an email to


Geokon is now an Official VDV Technology Partner

Kristín Einarsdóttir
May 14, 2021

The VDV team is especially pleased to announce Geokon as our Official Technology Partner