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The latest updates and news from VDV
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The latest updates and news from VDV

Kristín Einarsdóttir
October 1, 2021

Now that the summer is behind us, the VDV team wants to share our latest updates and news.

New features and latest improvements


Join Andres on the 14th of October for a compact 30 min overview of our latest improvements.

Our team will be available in the chat during the webinar and happy to answer all your questions.

Data Source

New Feature: Data Source – Geokon

Our latest Data Source update brings support for Geokon OpenAPI service.

Users can now connect VDV to their Geokon project and automatically bring data into VDV.

  • Pick the data loggers from your project to bring into VDV
  • Pick the sensors from each logger to bring into VDV
  • Seamless integration between Vista Data Vision and GEOKON OpenAPI

For more information, visit our Helpdesk.


New Feature: Dynamic marker controls

Users can now connect dynamically positioned monitoring location to the VDV GIS. Typical applications would include buoys, moving environmental monitoring stations, etc.

Features include:

  • Create a path of a moving marker on the GIS view.
  • Animate the markers path.
  • Manually move the markers along their created path.
  • Change the color of the marker path.
  • Hide/show individual marker paths.

The user can navigate to the Dynamic Marker controls from the GIS view by clicking the wrench icon.

Displacement Graph

New Feature

It’s now possible to view SAA Convergence data in The Displacement Graph Viewer.

When viewing a displacement graph, the user can click any two points on the convergence graph, calculate the distance between them, and compare the distance on the baseline.

Visit our helpdesk for more information.

Data Source – File Import

New Feature

Sensor-Based Data Files have been added to Datasource File Import.

Sensor-Based Data Files differ in the way that they have one line for each sensor in the data file. The data file can have multiple sensors, and it’s now possible to import them directly into The VDV System.

This file type is common for prism and survey monitoring points.

Create a new File Format for Sensor-Based files by setting ID Column to YES and set the ID Column Number to match the data file.

Visit our helpdesk for more detailed information.


New Feature: Chapters and Alarm Table

Two new components have been added to Reports in VDV:

Headings can now be configured to show chapter numbers, allowing for more detailed configuration of the report layot.

Alarm Table
Add an Alarm Table to a Report to show a list of all triggered Alarms during the report period.

Under the Component setup, users can now insert alarm tables into the reports.
Under Heading, users can check the Chapter box and choose to add a chapter/subchapter.

As always we welcome all feedback from our customers. Please get in touch with us on social media or send us an email at


Ackcio is now our Technology Partner

Kristín Einarsdóttir
October 13, 2021

Today we are very pleased to announce Ackcio as our newest Technology Partner.