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Updates in December
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Updates in December

Kristín Einarsdóttir
January 4, 2021

Now that we have said goodbye to 2020 we want to sum up the latest updates in VDV from December. We look forward to 2021 with great excitement, there are a lot of new features and improvements waiting to shared with our user in the upcoming months.

Scatter Plot

New Feature: Regression Annotations

This new feature gives our users the option to display the correlation and slope values on the scatter plot.

Regression lines will appear on the Scatter Plot in chosen.
The User can choose to show regression lines, label, and position them as needed.


Fixed dates

  • You can now select a fixed start date or a fixed start & stop date for your graphs.
  • If a fixed date is set, the graph will always display data from those fixed dates.
  • The fixed date option is located in the graph setup.
Fixed start date.
Fixed start and stop date.


  • Rounding can now be set to graph variables without having to select a summary type.


  • Graphs in the graph selector are now clickable directly.
  • Graphs in the graph selector have smaller font sizes & legend becomes scrollable.


Menu display update:

  • Users can now have a default menu display when they log in to VDV.
  • Options for the menu display are Minified & Expanded
  • If a user has the expanded option set and only has access to Historical the Historical menu will automatically open when the user logs in.

These changes are to better support open public access in VDV. Now the main menu can be showed on default when a new user logs in.

All updates

• Analysis: 1.1.5
• Analysis: 1.1.4
• Core: 1.7.3
• Dashboard: 1.4.5
• Data Source – File Import: 1.3.3
• Get Data: 1.2.5
• Graph: 1.9.1
• Graph: 1.9.0
• Historical: 2.1.4
• Reports: 1.2.8
• Scatter Plot: 1.3.0
• Site: 1.5.1
• Store: 1.3.8
• System: 1.1.7
• User: 1.2.0
• Vendor: 1.1.5
• Wind Rose: 1.0.4

As always we welcome all feedback from our customers. Please get in touch with us on social media or send us an email to


A Year in Review

Kristín Einarsdóttir
January 26, 2021