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Updates in January
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Updates in January

Kristín Einarsdóttir
February 4, 2021

We released various updates and features in January and we want to make sure our users are in the loop. Scroll down for the complete list.


New Feature: System Information

System Information is now available to Admin Users under System Settings in VDV. Display all the relevant numerical information regarding VDV and its components. 

The information can also be filtered by individual Owners in the system.

The system information is displayed under system settings with a drop-down menu to scroll between different owners.


New Feature: User Bulk Update

Now it is possible to select multiple users and update them simultaneously. For example change the user role for multiple users.

Parameters available for user bulk update are:

  • Active
  • Expiry date
  • Default page
  • Language
  • Localization
  • User role
User bulk update.


New feature: Site bulk update

Users can now upload a txt or a csv file with site information and update multiple sites simultaneously.

Available options for bulk update are:

  • Name
  • Type
  • Owner
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Active status. 

This new feature is very useful to set location for multiple Sites quickly.

Upload site for bulk update.
Table view of the sites being updated.

Update: Site Export

Users now have more control over the Site Export.

It is now also possible to select all or individual sites for export as well as selecting if the variables should be included in the export. 

Site export.



Legend header is now clickable on full screen graph allowing users to show or hide all series.

Click the legend header to show/hide all series.



  • It is now possible to choose between Step Left or Step Right when selecting line type in Graph Variable Settings.
  • Name auto option on initial graph save now working properly.
  • Hidden graph series will no longer auto show on graph scroll.

Real Time Display

New Feature

Bulk alarm colors are now visible in navigation buttons.  

Navigation button displays the bulk alarm from the linked RTD.
RTD with an active bulk alarm within a data group.

All updates

• Burst Data: 1.3.2
• Core: 1.8.2
• Core: 1.8.1
• Core: 1.8.0
• Dashboard: 1.4.8
• Dashboard: 1.4.7
• Dashboard: 1.4.6
• Get Data: 1.2.6
• GIS: 1.6.3
• GIS: 1.6.2
• Graph: 1.9.3
• Graph: 1.9.2
• Historical: 2.1.7
• Historical: 2.1.6
• Historical: 2.1.5
• Login Page:
• Quick View: 1.0.4
• Real Time Display: 1.2.0
• Reports: 1.2.9
• Site: 1.6.1
• Site: 1.6.0
• Table: 1.2.0
• Table: 1.1.9
• Update Monitor: 1.2.3
• User: 1.3.0

As always we welcome all feedback from our customers. Please get in touch with us on social media or send us an email to


Campbell Scientific is now an Official Technology Partner

Kristín Einarsdóttir
February 9, 2021