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Updates in November
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Updates in November

Kristín Einarsdóttir
December 3, 2020

Now that November is behind us we want to share with our users all the latest updates from VDV.

Time Zones – New Feature

Users can now set a time zone for their system. The system time zone is used in combination with time zones assigned to stations to allow the update monitor to determine if a site is inactive.

To set the time zone is only required in VDV systems where multiple projects are managed in different time zones.

The system time zone can be set by navigating to the system settings.

System settings time zone.
Site time zone.
The Update Overview, displaying two sites with the same latest data timestamp. Both sites have defined a 2-hour data update alarm, one of the sites has been assigned a time zone and therefore has not triggered an update alarm.

Historical Data – Reorder Pages

Users can now edit the page order rather than having them fixed to alphabetical order. This allows for custom order of pages where most important pages can be listed first.

Reorder the Page list by dragging page items within the list.
Click the order button to set the list back to alphabetical order.

Graph – New Features

Plotline Label

Plotlines can be labeled for better clarification on Graphs.

It is possible to add labels to Plotlines and choose the alignment.
Plotlines can be displayed with a label.

Logarithmic Time Axis

Logarithmic X axis has also been introduced to Graphs in VDV.

It is possible to toggle on logarithmic X axis
Graph with logarithmic axis enabled.

Graph Time Period

Graphs X-axis min and max value is now set to the time period being viewed. Before the graphs would be auto scaled if they did not have data for the selected time period. Now all graphs show the full time period and graphs that do not have data show empty periods.

X axis set to the start & stop time of the dashboard. The axis of both charts are now the same, regardless of the bottom chart having missing data.

All updates

• Analysis: 1.1.3
• Completeness: 1.0.3
• Core: 1.7.2
• Core: 1.7.1
• Core: 1.7.0
• Dashboard: 1.4.4
• Dashboard: 1.4.3
• Data Source – Burst Data: 1.0.1
• Data Source – File Import: 1.3.2
• Data Source – Manual Inclinometer: 1.1.1
• Database: 1.1.8
• Displacement Graph: 1.1.9
• Displacement Graph: 1.1.8
• Documents: 1.0.6
• Gauge Needle: 1.0.6
• Get Data: 1.2.4
• GIS: 1.6.1
• Graph: 1.8.0
• Graph: 1.7.2
• Historical: 2.1.3
• Historical: 2.1.2
• Prism: 1.0.1
• Reports: 1.2.7
• Scatter Plot: 1.2.0
• Site: 1.5.0
• Table: 1.1.8
• Update Monitor: 1.2.2
• Update Monitor: 1.2.1
• Update Monitor: 1.2.0
• Variable Select: 1.0.8
• Vendor: 1.1.4

As always we welcome all feedback from our customers. Please get in touch with us on social media or send us an email to


Updates in December

Kristín Einarsdóttir
January 4, 2021