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Updates in October
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Updates in October

Kristín Einarsdóttir
November 4, 2020

In October we released two new features for VDV as well as several big updates.

The new Prism component in VDV is dedicated to managing prism data. It works with any Total Station and can even integrate into the GIS feature for VDV. We are excited to hear feedback from our customers once they start using it.

A new IoT (internet of things) feature for VDV was also released. VDV is used in many different industries, one of which is Smart City monitoring. The new feature offers dedicated functionality to mange smart waste container sensors.

Among the our updates in October we are introducing Cumulative Graph and Intensity Plot as new options for our Dashboard feature.

As always we welcome all feedback from our customers. Please get in touch with us on social media or send us an email to


New Feature

Showing prisms on GIS

The new Prism component in VDV allows users to define prisms in VDV. We are very excited to see this feature released to our customers and we know that this will offer great benefits to all projects where prism and survey data is involved.

VDV calculates all associated measurements from the input values of measured Northing, Easting and Height values.

View all Prism data in the dedicated Prism viewer or display Prisms on GIS to view vector movements.

Full announcement

Detailed information on our Helpdesk

Introduction Video on the VDV YouTube channel

Cumulative Graph

New Feature

Cumulative graph has been added as an option for Dashboards in VDV. Users can now quickly create a graph to show total yearly sum for a selected variable. It is possible to add up to five previous years to the graph and see the change in percentage between each year.

This is a great tool to see how current totals compare to previous yearly totals. It allows users to compare current total data with data from previous years and see if the totals so far this year are possibly abnormal.

The Cumulative graph works for all measurements where the total over time is of interest, for example rain, flow, production etc.

Cumulative Graph showing difference in total rain over 3 years

Intensity Plot

Intensity plots have been updated and are now fully dynamic. As before users can view an Intensity Plot for any Variable on a Historical Data graph.

With this latest update Intensity Plots are now also available in Dashboards. Add one or more plots to Dashboards to highlight trends in data both over the time of day and time of year.

This is a powerful tool to view long time series and to detect patterns that are otherwise hidden.

The Intensity Plot update is available to all VDV users.

Data Source – File Import

Update Header

Users can now update the file structure for files imported using Data Source – File Import. This feature is useful when a change is made in a project, for example by adding a new senor to a data logger.

Update header screen, link renamed headers and add new ones.
Confirm alias name and select unit for new headers.

Other Updates

  • Added the option to disable file structures.
  • Sites deleted from Data Source File Import removes all references to the site in VDV.

Data Source – Waste Management

New Smart City Waste Management support

VDV can now manage iot smart city waste monitors.
Supported features include:

  • Automatic Data Import
  • Alert at certain fill level
  • Waste type categories
  • Map overview of all locations
  • Complete Time Series overview
  • Pickup statistics: Number of pickups over time, average fill level at pickup time.

VDV will be able to support all sensor types giving customers security that at each time the best hardware solution can be chosen for installation.

In version 1.0.0 VDV support sensors from Sensoneo:


New Feature

Admin users can now create contacts under the System Settings option.
Contacts that are created will receive email notifications when new VDV updates are released.
Admin users can choose what type of email notifications contacts receive:

  • All
  • Skip minor updates
  • No email notifications
Contact information, choose what type of email notification a contact receives.

All updates

• Alarm: 1.3.2
• Analysis: 1.1.2
• Burst Data: 1.3.1
• Core: 1.6.0
• Cumulative Graph: 1.0.1
• Cumulative Graph: 1.0.0
• Dashboard: 1.4.2
• Dashboard: 1.4.1
• Data Source – File Import: 1.3.1
• Data Source – File Import: 1.3.0
• Data Source – Waste Management: 1.0.0
• Database: 1.1.7
• Database: 1.1.6
• db.robot.c: 1.1.1
• Displacement Graph: 1.1.7
• GIS: 1.6.0
• Graph: 1.7.1
• Historical:
• Historical: 2.1.1
• Intensity Plot: 2.0.2
• Intensity Plot: 2.0.1
• Localization: 1.0.2
• Month Overview: 1.0.7
• Prism: 1.0.0
• QAQC: 1.1.4
• QAQC: 1.1.3
• Reports: 1.2.6
• Scatter Plot: 1.1.4
• Site: 1.4.6
• Site: 1.4.5
• Store: 1.3.7
• Update Monitor: 1.1.1
• User: 1.1.8
• Virtual Variable: 1.2.1


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