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Our partners

Our technology partners perfectly integrate their hardware with our best-in-class software. Our solution partners augment their instrumentation solution with VDV
technology partners
Profound BV

Supplier of technical instrumentation hardware and related services


Supplier of technical instrumentation hardware and related services

solution partners
Aridus Hydro Geotechnik

Advanced Monitoring Methods provide high-quality, high recovery monitoring services under all environmental conditions and locations

Coffey International Ltd.,

Complete range of I&M services for geotechnical, hydrogeological, structural and environmental applications in civil and mining projects

United Arab Emirates

Geosciences, water management and environmental project management services

Geokon Inc.

Geokon Inc. manufactures a full range of reliable, high-quality geotechnical and structural monitoring instrumentation

GKM Consultants Inc.

Geotechnical instrumentation, data acquistion systems and monitoring services for civil engineering applications, notably for dam safety, tunnel, bridge and mining

RST Instrumentation Ltd

Geotechnical and structural instrumentation for investigating and monitoring a wide range of projects in the civil engineering, mining and environmental sectors

Record Tek

Supplier of technical instrumentation hardware and related services


Mines, Geotechnical, Oil and Gas, Heavy Industries

Intermountain Environmental

Specialized in weather stations, water monitoring and control systems

Mine Design Technologies

Instrumentation company specializing in geotechnical applications

Geosoft Store

Technology and expertise for exploration industries and the geosciences

A.P. Company

Geotechnical research and design