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New Data Source feature for Campbell Scientific data loggers
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New Data Source feature for Campbell Scientific data loggers

Kristín Einarsdóttir
March 30, 2021

We have just released a new Data Source feature for VDV to allow direct communication with Campbell Scientific data loggers. The new feature allows for direct data import from CSI data loggers and commands to be sent directly to data loggers for control using a powerful Command Creator in VDV.

This new feature is available to all VDV customers in their VDV store for download.

Configure data loggers

Easily add new data loggers to VDV.

Add new data loggers to VDV and select which Output Tables to import.
New data from data loggers is then automatically imported into VDV.

Configuring Commands

Commands allow users to send values to variables that are defined in the logger.

This allows users to perform actions in VDV that will result in changes in the data logger. The possible actions that can be performed are only limited by the imagination of the user.

Typical actions may include:

  • Changing sampling rate for an Output Table
  • Turning on/off a pump/light/siren/etc
  • Changing the opening of a Valve
  • Taking a camera snapshot

The possible command types are Boolean, Numeric, and List.

List Commands are commands where each value represents a different output programmed into the logger.

Sending Commands

Data Source commands can be added to any Dashboard in VDV allowing the user to give a command by the push of a button.

The Command will appear as a button on the Dashboard. Clicking on the button will open up a drop-down menu (for lists and Boolean but a numeric window for numeric commands) where the user can select a new sampling rate.

Further Information:

Overview Video – Quick overview on using the new Data Source feature

Help Documentation – In-depth information how new data loggers are added to VDV and new Commands configured


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Kristín Einarsdóttir
April 8, 2021