Kristín Einarsdóttir
November 2, 2020

Users can now define prisms in VDV!

We are really excited about releasing this new, and much anticipated, feature.

VDV calculates all associated measurements from the input values of measured Northing, Easting and Height values.

Users can view all Prism data in the dedicated Prism viewer or display Prisms on GIS to view vector movements.

Display all the data on one dedicated screen. The User can customize the display to show the relevant data as needed.
The Setup allows the user to define individual Prism or create many Prisms simultaneously.
Configure the Name, Angle and Definitive Reference Point as needed.

Overview video of the new Prism feature.

Add Prisms to GIS Maps

In addition, users can add Prisms to GIS Maps and view the prism movement as vectors where the direction and distance is set by the reference date.

Users can change on the fly the Prism reference date to by either a set date or relative number of days in the past.

Changing the reference date for prism markers.


Updates in October

Kristín Einarsdóttir
November 4, 2020