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Updates in July & August
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Updates in July & August

Kristín Einarsdóttir
September 4, 2020

These are the updates and fixes we have been working on for the past weeks. Now that summer is almost behind us and our staff is back from vacations, we are happy to get back on track and introduce some more exciting new features in VDV in the upcoming months.


New Feature: Lidar Data Support

VDV can now display point data from Lidar. Points are color coded based on its measurement value.

Support for Lidar points added to GIS


Download image improved

  • Download image size preset to graph size on Dashboard
  • Download image made identical to graph on Dashboard
Automatic scale for graph downloads
Download graphs has been improved to keep the same appearance as they do on the Dashboard.

Real time display

New Feature: Bulk Alarm Color

If a variable has a Bulk Alarm the Alarm Type Color will be displayed as background color. Please note that if a variable has a regular alarm (lowlow, low, etc.) that will be displayed before the Bulk Alarm.

Bulk Alarm color is now displayed in the RTD data groups


New Feature

We continue to improve the reporting capabilities of VDV.

  • Scatter plots added to reports.
  • Custom time period options for different report schedules.

See here for more information.

All updates

• Alarm: 1.3.1

• Alarm: 1.3.0

• Analysis: 1.1.1

• Core: 1.5.4

• Dashboard:

• Data Source – File Import: 1.2.3

• Database: 1.1.5

• Gauge Compass: 1.0.4

• Gauge Needle: 1.0.5

• Gauge Progress: 1.0.4

• Get Data: 1.2.0

• GIS: 1.4.1

• Graph: 1.5.2

• Graph: 1.5.0

• Month Overview: 1.0.6

• Prism: 1.0.0

• Real Time Display:

• Reports: 1.2.4

• Scatter Plot: 1.1.3

• Site: 1.4.3

• Virtual Variable: 1.1.5


Historical 2.0.0

Kristín Einarsdóttir
September 18, 2020