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Updates in June 2020
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Updates in June 2020

Kristín Einarsdóttir
July 1, 2020

Here is a list of all our updates, improvements and some new features released over the past few weeks.

NEW FEATURE – Manual Inclinometer

A new data source supported by VDV

An exciting new feature that makes it easier for users to work with manually collected inclinometer data.

For more information and instructions visit:


Many new features have been added to Graphs in VDV. These updates are available in Dashboard and Report graphs.

  • Y-axis auto scale for max and min
  • Y-axis colors
  • Logarithmic scale
  • Bulk Alarm Limits
  • Fill variable (Colors the area between two variables on the graph)
  • Rate of change addition options (Absolute values & Rollover values)
  • Improved tick marks for fixed Y-axis
  • Show Site Name in Variable list in Graph Setup. Makes it easier to understand which Site a selected Variable belongs to.
  • Store the last Variable configuration and use the values for next added Variable. This speeds up the process when adding many variables to the same graph.
    Configurations that are stored between variables are: Type, Line Width, Dash Style, Marker, Sum Type &Time Period
Auto min & max scale, Logarithmic scale & Axis color
Bulk Alarm Limits & Axis colors
Fill Variable
Tick marks before and after update with a fixed y-axis.


New Feature: Rolling Alarm

Rolling Alarm is a sub-feature of Multi-Condition Alarms. With a rolling alarm, it’s possible to set a rolling period in hours and an exceedance hours threshold. If the number of times an alarm is triggered in the rolling period exceeds the threshold the alarm is triggered.

Set a rolling period in hours and an exceedance hours threshold

Read more detailed instructions on the Help Desk.


New Feature: GIS Projections

Add a custom projection to a GIS map in the GIS setup. Use project specific projections for all coordinates in GIS setup.

Set custom projection for project

See further information on our website:



Users can now download statistics to a file.

Site Map

  • Speed improvements when loading the Site Map
  • Speed improvements when filtering the Site Map
  • Color changes for site icons. Changes to the inner icon color of the icon when the colors are similar
Example of a colour change.

All June Updates

• Alarm: 1.3.0
• Analysis: 1.1.0
• Core: 1.5.1
• Core: 1.5.2
• Dashboard:
• Data Export Task: 1.1.2
• Data Source – Manual Inclinometer: 1.1.0
• Data Source – Manual Inclinometer: 1.0.0
• Database: 1.1.4
• Displacement Graph: 1.1.6
• Displacement Graph: 1.1.5
• Documents: 1.0.5
• Get Data: 1.2.0
• GIS: 1.4.0
• Graph: 1.5.0
• Header Alerts: 1.0.4
• Real Time Display:
• Real Time Display: 1.1.9
• Site: 1.4.2
• Store: 1.3.6
• System: 1.1.4
• User: 1.1.6
• Variable Select: 1.0.7
• Vendor: 1.1.2


New reseller partnership

Kristín Einarsdóttir
August 12, 2020