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Updates in September
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Updates in September

Kristín Einarsdóttir
October 2, 2020

Over the last couple of weeks we have released a lot of new and exciting features. Our team has been working hard on things like Uptime Overview, Burst Data on GIS maps and Virtual variables within virtual variables. We are very pleased to introduce all this to our users.

Historical Data 2.0.0 – Major Update

Historical Data graphs are now fully interactive. Users can hover over plots to see instant tooltip values, zoom into individual graphs and toggle individual series on and off.

Historical Data setup of Pages and Graphs has been completely updated. The graph setup now uses the global VDV Graph editor just like in Dashboard and Reports. Graphs can be previewed as they are being created.

Users can select variables to display.

Update Monitor 1.1.0

Uptime Overview

Our users can now see the uptime for all sites. Uptime is calculated by counting the time when an update alarm is active for a site.
Changes in uptime can be used to detect problem with the strength of communications.

  • Order Uptime list by any column
  • Change between week, month and year overview
  • Scroll to review older time periods
  • See only active sites
Period displayed in a dropdown list & filter added.

Site Information

Users can now click on a Site name in the Update Overview list and see the Site Information in the right slide out menu.

View station details and month overview data

Other Changes

  • Update overview options moved from the slide menu to the top of the update overview table.
  • Refresh button added for update overview.
  • “Week” & “Month” options added for update overview.
  • Uptime display added.
  • Clicking the update overview table slides out a site info menu for the site.


New Feature – Burst Data on GIS maps

It is now possible to add Burst Data units on GIS Maps.

Burst data is now available on the gis map.

New Feature – Lidar Data support

VDV can now display point data from Lidar. Points are color coded based on its measurement value.

Data Source Burst Data 1.0.0

New Feature – Profound VIBRA support

A new feature we are very happy to introduce.

It is now possible to import dynamic event-based data directly through VDV. This is the first fully web integrated support for vibration units.

In version 1.0.0 support for VIBRA .vif files from Profound are now supported. 

Burst data file import setup through Data Source.
Default Time Series graph shows velocity.
Different Time Series graphs can be chosen, for example the transform frequency.

Virtual Variable 1.2.0

New Feature – Virtual variables within virtual variables

Virtual variables now support formulas containing other virtual variables. This will greatly help to break down large illegible formulas into smaller and clearer ones. 


  • Constants are not converted to lowercase by default. 
  • Constants are treated as words instead of letters. Meaning the constant A and the absolute function (ABS) will not collide. 
  • It is possible to edit a constant multiple time without saving first. 
  • Reserved words for constants have been introduced, words like ABS, Round, Cos, etc. 

Reports 1.2.5

New Feature – Graph Selector

A new Graph Selector has been added to Reports. Users can now create a new graph or navigate between Dashboards, Historical, or Reports to find a Graph needed.

New Feature -Scatter Plot

Scatter Plots can now be added to reports. Just like in Dashboards users can now add scatter plots to their reports. Each scatter plot can contain one or more plots, where each plot can optionally contain a regression line as well.
Customize the color, scale and labels of the Scatter Plot.

Scatter plot can easily be plotted in the report or selected from a list of scatter plots already in VDV.

New Feature –Custom Time Period

To better control the automatic generation of reports users can now directly set the time period of each report schedule.

Users can configure the time period for their Day, Week and Month reports. For example a report can be generated every week containing the last 3 weeks of data.

Graph – Updates

Dashboard Graph Update

Dashboard graphs are now updating rather than re-rendering the whole graph with each refresh. This causes improved speed and load time of the Dashboard, specially in systems with larger dashboards or when viewing longer time periods. 

Download Image Improved

Download image size is now preset to graph size in Dashboard.
Download image has been made identical to graph on Dashboard.

Download graphs has been improved to keep the same appearance as they do on the Dashboard.

All updates

• Burst Data: 1.3.0
• Contact: 1.0.2
• Contour: 1.1.3
• Core: 1.5.5
• Core:
• Dashboard: 1.4.0
• Dashboard: 1.3.0
• Data Source – Burst Data: 1.0.0
• db.robot.c: 1.1.0
• db.web.browser: 1.0.0
• Diurnal: 1.0.3
• Download Data: 1.1.1
• Get Data: 1.2.2
• Get Data: 1.2.1
• GIS: 1.5.0
• GIS: 1.4.1
• Graph: 1.7.0
• Graph: 1.6.0
• Histogram: 1.0.3
• Historical: 2.1.0
• Historical: 2.0.0
• Intensity Plot: 2.0.0
• Maturity Curve: 1.0.1
• Pluviometric Graph: 1.0.2
• QAQC: 1.1.2
• Real Time Display:
• Reports: 1.2.5
• Site: 1.4.4
• System: 1.1.6
• System: 1.1.5
• Table: 1.1.6
• Table: 1.1.7
• Update Monitor: 1.1.0
• User: 1.1.7
• Vendor: 1.1.3
• Virtual Variable: 1.2.0
• Wind Rose: 1.0.3
• Year Graph: 1.0.2


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