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Updates in May 2020
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Updates in May 2020

Kristín Einarsdóttir
June 2, 2020

Our team has been busy with VDV developments over these strange past months. We are excited to share with you new features and improvements that have been implemented lately.

Data Analysis

The new Analysis tool is available for all VDV users.
Three powerful options:

  • Cross correlation
  • Regression
  • Detailed Statistics

Read more here:

Site Map

The new Site Map shows all your Stations on a map to give you a better overview of all your network.

  • Assign different icon/category to each station
  • Combine all information related to each station

Read more here:

Task Monitor

Allows Admin users to monitor all background tasks run by VDV.
The Task Monitor displays the following for all tasks:

  • Task name
  • Last run time
  • Last run duration
  • Time since last task run
  • Statistics for the last 30 days
  • Task log
  • Duration Graph

Users can set a run time hourly average limit for each task. This is the max average duration the task can have for the past hour.
The Task Monitor detects if a task has not run for X minutes or if the task hourly average limit is reached and sends an email to the system contact group specified in the system settings menu.

To view the Task Monitor navigate to Setup->Task Monitor. 

Text Message Service

VDV can now use text message web services to send SMS to contacts. 
This feature is very useful when serial phone modems cannot be used, for example when running VDV on cloud servers.

See our helpdesk for further information:


The following updates have been made to GIS.

Alarm List
Toggle to show only alarms in the alarm list if the marker is on the current GIS view.
Contour Layers
Save generated contours on the GIS to a Contour layer, allowing contours to persist on the GIS map. Change the opacity of contour layers
Clicking on a layer name in the layer list will zoom in on the layer. 


Additional features have been added to continue to improve the new reporting tool in VDV.

  • Title Page
  • Displacement Graph in report
  • Add page anywhere in report
  • Delete page
  • Header & Footer
  • Delete report added
  • Report font: Times New Roman option added

System Settings

Global settings for VDV can now be configured in the VDV web interface.

The User can specify the following settings:

  • System Contact Group
  • VDV Website Url

To view the System Settings navigate to Setup->System Settings.
This feature is only available for admin users.


Fixed Y-Axis for graphs has been improved. Previously when an axis was set to fixed upper and lower limits it would in some circumstances be rounded. For example a wind direction graph with a fixed upper limit of 360 would be rounded to 400.

This has now been fixed and the set upper and lower limits for a graph now stay fixed in all cases.

Variable Select

Improvements have been made to the Variable Selector to make it more convenient to use.

  • Filters now persist when opening the variable selector
  • Variable will automatically select the Site of the first selected variable

Scatter Plot

Regression line option for scatter plot.

Displacement Graph

Options for displacement graph configuration displayed in other components. For example when embedding a displacement graph on GIS or Real Time Display.


VDV and Profound – Official Technology Partner announcement

Kristín Einarsdóttir
June 16, 2020